Saturday, September 16, 2006

How I spent my summer vacation

No, not really, but I was recently reprimanded by an old friend for letting my blog gather dust. His gentle reminder was something like (I’m paraphrasing here), “publish or die.” So, I thought I should try to add something.

I apologize for not being more frequent in my posts. Family commitments, changes at work, (constant) changes at Autodesk, Scouting commitments, etc. have all contributed to my procrastination. And let’s not forget that my blog is not a profitable venture. I don’t get paid for it. It isn’t part of my job… whine, whine, whine. If I am tugging at your heart strings, please visit some of the advertisers on the right or drop something in my PayPal tip jar at the bottom of the page.

Okay, enough of the shameless commercialism. As Pooh would say, this blog is “a Useful Pot to put things in.” So, let’s put something in it.

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