Friday, January 18, 2008

CAD Mgmt: Future Design Tools

CAD Managers and potential Chief Innovation Officers (see Scouting for CAD Managers) spend a lot of time on day-to-day tasks, but they also have to be looking to the future. The recent Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas provides a good opportunity to look at some consumer electronic trends and extrapolate those trends into tools for professional design. Many of the products shown will be available within the next five years, so it's reasonable to look for potential design tools from these products.

I remember drawing a doodle many years ago (probably all the way back to the late 80's) of a "Designer of the Future". What I envisioned at that time was someone in motion - moving on to the next task, communicating on the go with a large roll under their arm. At first glance it looked like a set of 30x42 prints, but it wasn't. What I wanted to portray was a device that was both a monitor and a digitizer that rolled up for portability and rolled out for use. On it our "future designer" would be able to work on their drawings, roll it up, and move on to the next task. I haven't seen this device yet, but I think we're getting closer. Electronic paper, thinner displays, multi-touch screens - just take those ideas and fast forward to the future.

So, if anyone out there does put together all the pieces of my "future designer's tool" be sure to send some royalties my way. And don't forget to make an 11x17 version.

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