Tuesday, November 23, 2004

CAD Isn't...

Sometimes CAD is Computer Aided Design, but often it is still just Computer Aided Drafting. In other words, CAD isn’t always CAD, sometimes it is just CAD.

Years ago you might see a reference to CADD, Computer Aided Drafting and Design. There was no confusion with that acronym. I don’t know why the last “D” was dropped, but I suspect it was because CADD was gaining a reputation as a four letter word.

CAD is a tool for designers to create, modify, and communicate their concepts. CAD isn’t magic. Here are some other things that CAD isn’t:

  • Computer Aided Death
    Go on, it won’t hurt you. See, it likes you.
  • Crummy Automated Drawings
    Okay, sometimes it is, but it depends on the designer and the automation.
  • Coloring And Doodling
    Maybe when we have a generation that masters a stylus or a mouse before they hold a crayon, but not yet.
  • Create, Amend, Deny
    You know you drew it that way. We told you to do it in 3D. We told you to check for interferences. Now they’ll have to “hammer to fit and paint to match” at the site. See Crummy Automated Drawings above and get some training.


Anonymous said...

When I was first learning CAD, the instructor told me what it doesn't stand for, and that was "Coffee And Doughnuts"!

Scott Durkee said...

Thanks for your comment. I've met a few designers who seem to use that definition, and even more designers and CAD Managers who practice "Caffeine Aided Design". I guess they needed your instructor. (Please let everyone know who you are next time.)