Thursday, March 30, 2006

CAD Mgmt Toolbox: Autodesk Online Store

As I have mentioned before, Autodesk's fiscal year begins in February. Around this time each year you can expect to hear news from Autodesk resellers - territories change, product authorizations change, new offices or mergers are announced, and some resellers are even dropped (remember the reports about long time reseller Robert McNeel & Associates earlier this year?)

If you find yourself re-evaluating your Autodesk reseller(s) now or any other time during the year, don't forget that many Autodesk products and upgrades are available directly from Autodesk through the Autodesk Online Store.


Anonymous said...

Great idea (not)...especially if you want to pay retail. Autocad is $3995 through Autodesk online store and $3195 through the reseller. Bypassing the reseller is about the worst thing you can do. If you're not happy with your reseller, tell them. Make them earn your trust and your business. If everyone buys directlty through Autodesk and all the resellers go away, who's going to give you training and support?

Scott Durkee said...

Thank you for your comments. If you will read the original post again I think you will see that I was not recommending that anyone abandon their reseller. I was providing a link to a short term solution to be used during the evaluation of resellers.