Friday, April 29, 2005

CAD Mgmt: AutoCAD 2006 CD-ROMs

Remember when I told you to buy a portable DVD reader? (CAD Mgmt Toolbox: Portable DVD-ROM/CD-RW)
Several Autodesk products, including Architectural Desktop 2006, Building Systems 2006, Inventor Series 10, and Inventor Professional 10, are now delivered on DVD-ROMs instead of CD-ROMs. If you are a subscription customer you can request CD-ROMs by mailing back the Media Request Card that came in your DVD-ROM case or by filling out the form at If you are ordering a new license, be sure to ask for the media format you want.

Or you can still purchase a portable DVD-ROM here:

GCC-5241P - LG Portable DVD-ROM/CD-RW"LG Portable DVD-ROM/CD-RW"

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

CAD Mgmt: AutoCAD 2006 Books

Looking for your user guide in your AutoCAD 2006 or other Autodesk software box? Look inside the CD-ROM or DVD-ROM case for your book request card, fill it out, and mail it.

If it got misplaced as lap trash when you opened the case you can also request your user guide at

You can purchase additional manuals here:

Here is a smple of the titles available:
AutoCAD 2006 User's Guide
AutoCAD 2006 Customization Guide
AutoCAD 2006 Network Administrator's Guide
AutoCAD 2006 Command Reference Volumes I & II
AutoCAD 2006 ActiveX & VBA Developer's Guide
AutoCAD 2006 ObjectARX Developer's Guide
AutoCAD 2006 AutoLISP Tutorial
AutoCAD 2006 AutoLISP Developer's Guide