Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Autodesk University 2005

Autodesk University 2005

I didn't make it to AU this year, but about 5,000 other people did...

Nov 25 - While I was recovering from Thanksgiving Day's overeating and overrelativing, Ralph Grabowski was Off to Autodesk University

Nov 26 - I spent most of the day at my mom's antique store and then drove about two hours home.

Nov 27 - I drove through what seemed like 60-70 mph winds for several hours and had to pry my fingers off the steering wheel after we arrived at my wife's parents' house. Meanwhile, Shaan Hurley and few thousand other people are Now at Autodesk University

Nov 28 - We left the kids with their grandparents and spent another forty-five minutes on the road to attend the funeral of a friend's mother who was killed in an automobile accident Thanksgiving Day. In Orlando, Shaan Hurley announces And they're off! AU 2005 classes kick off
After the funeral, it was back on the road with a side trip back to my mom's house to pick up a library book left there (just another three hours added to the day).
Shaan prepared for the AUGI Annual Meeting and Beer Bust Tonight and left a hint about the 1pm meeting on Tuesday. Then he reported Day 1 done, Day 2 of AU 2005 coming

Also, Shaan is keeping an ongoing online photo gallery of Autodesk University 2005

And you can now find AU Online at http://auonline.mentorware.net/au/static.html

So, for those of you at AU, what are you doing?