Friday, February 25, 2005

CAD Mgmt Toolbox: Portable DVD-ROM/CD-RW

(MARCH 30, 2006 NOTE: The Portable DVD-ROM below is no longer available. The link now goes to the main Laptops-for-Less web site where you may be able to find a similar item.)

This is another important tool for CAD Managers recommended by my friend and business associate, Jim Brittain (author of the original "AutoCAD Productivity Book"). More and more software is being delivered on DVD-ROM rather than CD-ROM, but not every computer you install software on has a DVD. Purchase an external DVD that works via a USB connection like the one below to make your installation process easier:

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GCC-5241P - LG Portable DVD-ROM/CD-RW"LG Portable DVD-ROM/CD-RW"

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