Monday, December 25, 2006

Scouting for CAD Managers - part 2

The Boy Scout Motto: “Be Prepared”

When Baden-Powell, founder of Scouting, was asked, “Be prepared for what?” he replied, “Why, for any old thing.” The Boy Scout program provides opportunities for boys to prepare for many types of circumstances. First Aid skills are reinforced throughout the program. Leadership skills are exercised throughout the program as well. The boys are encouraged to try several activities which may lead to skills used in hobbies or vocations.

So what should a CAD Manager “be prepared” for? Why, for any old thing, of course. As I mentioned in my “Two Essential Skills” post, you must learn to negotiate and facilitate.

Be prepared to justify the expense of the upgrades you proposed. Be prepared to explain the benefits of subscription. Be prepared to discuss BIM with your CEO. Be prepared… for any old thing.

Can you always be prepared? No, once again we are talking about an ideal – a direction. You will still get called into a meeting and asked what you know about some technology you haven’t studied. When this happens, go back to the Cub Scout Motto and “Do Your Best” during the meeting. Then go and do the research and send a follow up email or memo to the original meeting attendees and be prepared for a follow up meeting.

“Be Prepared”

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