Thursday, February 10, 2005

CAD Mgmt Toolbox: is a great resource for CAD Managers.

I like this quote from their website: "Roopinder [Tara] founded based on the simple principal that ten links picked by experts is far more valuable than ten thousand picked by the typical search engine." We've all been there. Next time you are researching something CAD related go to first.

TenLinks Daily
TenLinks also does an incredible job of keeping CAD Managers updated through their "TenLinks Daily" email of CAD related news.

CADdigest Weekly
TenLinks also owns where you will find a HUGE list of CAD related articles. You can also subscribe to their "CADdigest Weekly" email to receive a list of new articles each week.

__The Bottom Line__
Your tasks as a CAD Manager include research. Your goals as a CAD Manager include professional development. Increase your effectiveness in both by adding the resources from TenLinks to your CAD Management Toolbox at: - Ultimate Directories for Technology Professionals

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