Tuesday, March 08, 2005

CAD Mgmt: AutoCAD New Features Workshop

Start at the Beginning
One of the first things people see in AutoCAD is the New Features Workshop. Unfortunately it is also one of the first things many people turn off. Promise me as a CAD Manager that you won't select "No, don't show me this again" until you've at least skimmed the entire workshop or given me an acceptable justification. Here's why...

New Features Workshop = "Free" Training
Please don't ignore this "free" training opportunity for you and the designers you support. Read it. Use it. Share it. You didn't read the User's Guide in one sitting (did you?), so don't expect to make it through the entire New Features Workshop in one sitting either. Each time you open AutoCAD just go through one or two lessons and move on to your original task.

Starting Over
If the New Features Workshop does get turned off you can still access it from the Help Pull-Down Menu or the _AI_INVOKENFW command. (Now there's a command name for your next AutoCAD Jeopardy party). Also, if you use installation scripts, be sure that "NFW" is not in your REMOVE list.

__The Bottom Line__
The New Features Workshop is a training tool that you, the CAD Manager, can use for yourself and the designers you support. Remember, "more training usually results in fewer tech support calls."

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I really agree on this. The NFW is great!
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