Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Autodesk See the Advantage Virtual Event, Tue, Oct 5

Register for the "Autodesk See the Advantage Virtual Event," Tue, Oct 5, 8am-2pm PDT (10am-4pm CDT). They will pack as much into the thirty minute sessions as possible and there is a one hour session on "Renovating for an Energy Efficient Future" worth 1 AIA HSW/SD credit.

The Virtual Expo Hall will be open from 8am-2pm PDT (10am-4pm CDT). Topic presentations only last until 12:30pm PDT (2:30pm CDT).

This event is less than a month away, so register today and get it on your calendar.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Autodesk "Get Current" Promotional Pricing Benefits BIM and Digital Prototyping Implementations

Autodesk has changed their annual effort to bring designers into the world of subscription and the latest software. In the past there have been stair stepped promotions throughout the year to encourage people with old or retiring* Autodesk products to upgrade before the coming retirement date. The best discounts occurred soon after a new release. The worst discount – or no discounts – occurred just prior to the retirement date. Autodesk has changed things up this year and it can have some unexpected cost benefits for some CAD/BIM Managers. More about that later. Here’s the new promo:

With Autodesk’s “Get Current” promotion you can save up to 50% by moving to Autodesk 2011 software. This promotion includes upgrades, crossgrades**, retroactive subscriptions, and Legacy purchases***. Subscription Only products that have been retired are included in the Legacy portion of this promotion****. This offer expires Jul 18, 2010.

The discounts are 30%, 40%, or 50% depending on the product you are moving to and the type of transaction to get there. The FAQ listed below has a chart of what discounts are available for each product.
Here is the part that may help some CAD/BIM Managers who already have their software on subscription and are transitioning to BIM with Civil 3D or Revit Suites or Digital Prototyping with Inventor. Question/Answer 3 from the FAQ below:
3. Are upgrades from 2011 versions included in the Get Current Promotion?

The focus of the Get Current Promotion is to help customers upgrade their software to the latest 2011 versions. Advertised discounts do not apply to upgrades from 2011 products,
(Note: upgrades from 2011 products were formerly known as cross-grades)

Autodesk has taken care so that customers upgrading from 2011 versions are not charged higher prices than those taking advantage of the Get Current Promotion. As a result, a number of cross-grades from 2011 versions have been discounted at a variable percentage to match upgrades from prior versions. Where an upgrade from a 2011 product was already less than the Get Current pricing, no discount was applied.

This means that a few 2011 to 2011 “upgrades” (I still prefer the term crossgrades) are also discounted during this promotion. Here is a list:

You will need to verify this pricing with your reseller.

*For those of you who are new to CAD/BIM Management of Autodesk products, Autodesk supports the current release of software (now 2011) and three releases back (2010, 2009, 2008). They just retired 2007 on Mar 15, 2010, so 2008 software is next on the chopping block.
** A crossgrade is a move from one software product to another, e.g., a crossgrade from AutoCAD to AutoCAD Revit Architecture Suite. Autodesk has started lumping these transactions into the term “upgrades”.
*** Retired software cannot be upgraded. Autodesk’s Legacy Program allows discounts on new software licenses if you have retired software licenses (back to R14).  For each retired license you can typically get a 30% discount on a new license of software. Other terms and conditions apply – for example, retired AutoCAD LT licenses are not included in the Legacy Program.
**** Typically, Subscription Only products are not included in the Legacy Program. With Subscription only products you either stay on subscription or pay retroactive subscription fees to get back on subscription. Once your version is retired you had to purchase new software to get current. Autodesk is making an exception for this promotion.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Autodesk Assistance Program Extended to Jan 31, 2011

The Autodesk Assistance Program provides software and other benefits to help displaced employees improve their employability. This program has been extended to Jan 31, 2011 and expanded to include these and other enhancements:

·         13 month student licenses of over 25 Autodesk software products (formerly 18 products)

·         Online learning now includes access to Autodesk University Online

·         Eligibility has been expanded to include military veterans

Software provided in this program is for educational purposes only and cannot be used commercial purposes. For additional terms and conditions or to register for the program go to

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Apr 19 Autodesk Seize the Opportunity Virtual Event

Autodesk Seize the Opportunity Virtual Event is Apr 19, 9am-4pm Central Time. Learn more about Autodesk 2011 software at this virtual event. To register go to Attendance is free.

Autodesk 2011 Product Portfolio

Learn about the Autodesk 2011 portfolio of software today, Mar 25, at 11am Central. Join Autodesk CEO Carl Bass and Senior Vice President Amar Hanspal to learn about updates to Autodesk’s design software for general design, AEC, and manufacturing. Register for the webcast at


Read the official press release for AutoCAD 2011 here:
for Building Design, Infrastructure and Construction here: and
for Manufacturing here :


Watch the Autodesk blogs for posts about new features


The following 2011 products are available for download today through Subscription Center, Expect additional products and local language versions in the weeks to come:


AutoCAD 2011 English

AutoCAD 2011 French

AutoCAD 2011 Multilingual


AutoCAD Architecture 2011 English

AutoCAD MEP 2011 English


AutoCAD Inventor Suite 2011 English

AutoCAD Mechanical 2011 English

AutoCAD Electrical 2011 English

Autodesk DirectConnect for UG NX 2011 English

Autodesk Alias Automotive 2011 English

Autodesk Alias Surface 2011 English

Autodesk Moldflow 2011 English

Autodesk Moldflow 2011 English

Autodesk Vault Collaboration 2011 English

Autodesk Vault Professional 2011 English

Autodesk Vault Workgroup 2011 English




Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Autodesk BIM Deployment Plan Available for Download

Autodesk BIM Deployment Plan is now available online. Read the press release here and download the plan and worksheets at I’ve spent the last few days going through it and it aligns very closely with the implementation plan we have used very successfully with our customers at work. Nice bonus to have the editable worksheets.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Last Chance to Upgrade Autodesk Products before Mar 16 Price Changes

Mon, Mar 15, 2010 is the last day to upgrade Autodesk 2007, 2008, or 2009 licenses using Autodesk’s tiered upgrade prices. Autodesk's Simplified Upgrade Pricing begins Mar 16, 2010. At that time all upgrades from 2008 and 2009 products will be half the price of a new license of software. All Autodesk 2007 products will also be retired on that date which means they will no longer be supported or upgradeable.


You can read more about Autodesk’s Simplified Upgrade Pricing at